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Rakuten Gateway 4


Rakuten Gateway is a must-have app for all Rakuten users. Swipe through many of Rakuten services inside a single app. On the Rakuten Ichiba Tab you will find daily product rankings. The Rakuten Travel tab shows top Hotels. The Rakuten Recipe tab holds a number of quick links to popular recipes. And on the Home tab, you will find fresh and valuable articles created by Rakuten users. Enjoy many of Rakuten’s services by zipping through exciting contents![Ichiba Tab] Rakuten Ichiba makes shopping entertainment!-Search products by name or keyword-Find products by genre-Login to view your browsing history and bookmarks-Daily Genre Rankings-Purchase history-my Rakuten-Launch/Download Rakuten Ichiba app-Link to Rakuten Ichiba webpage
[Travel Tab] Make a fun trip plan with Rakuten Travel!-Search accommodations by facility names or tourist spots’ names-View history-Special campaigns-Rankings (sortable by genre)-Link to reservation page-Search by location-Nightly accommodations-Booking confirmation-Launch/Download Rakuten Travel app-Link to Rakuten Travel webpage
[Recipe Tab] Find a great recipe for tonight’s dinner!-Search recipes by ingredients, dish etc.-Search recipes by category-Trendy keywords for quick recipe search-Daily recipe recommendations-Ranking (by popular recipe)-New recipes-Favorite recipe-My page-Launch/Download Rakuten Recipe app-Link to Rakuten Recipe webpage
[Home Tab]-Fresh and valuable articles created by Rakuten users (Hot blogs)-Preview blogs-Jump to all Rakuten services